Why I am not an expert (and how that benefits YOU)


One reason that I have chosen not to blog for quite some time now is that I struggle with the concept of being an expert. I think we are all familiar with a great number of people, who are more than happy to state as fact, all about the latest thing they have heard of or seen, with little concern as to whether or not there is any real basis to their posting/position/oration. I do not want to be that person. I struggle with the fact that although I can freely admit that I am truly not an expert at anything, and therefore shouldn’t be blogging about; I continue to be told that what I do know can be of significant value to others.

Then the light came on………part of the reason that we as a company, as well as myself personally, continue to grow is that admission to not being the expert. Instead, we are willing to admit that we can, and need to, learn more every day about the products we sell and the services we provide. This is especially true with technology, as I am sadly reminded that no matter how much I learn about a topic, there is something new posted or written about it shortly thereafter that continues to make me the student, not the master. This is because in addition to researching it, I need to be able to truly decipher whether there is fact to substantiate the news. “A wise person believes half of what they read, a genius knows which half.” – Not my quote, not sure who to attribute it to, but I just love the truth in it.

There are two thoughts to finish this note. One is to remember that the more passionate someone’s opinion is presented the more likely they are selling it versus discussing it. Passion and volume do not make something more right.

The second thought is that by not considering myself an expert and willing to learn as I go, I feel that I can actually help others (family, friends, customers) more. We may not be the experts, but we are the people who will let you know what we know today, right now, and we are willing to admit that we may learn something new tomorrow, and will pass that along if it can improve things as we go. And while that may mean that what we knew yesterday may no longer be right or best, we can move in another direction to make it that way.

One thing I do know; we all go a long way into making our own day great. I hope yours is!

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